Who We Are

 Billy began roasting coffee in a vintage popcorn maker in his garage in 2017 right here in GranD praIrie TX. From there i shared my coffee with co-workers and the community at the local Farmers Market. As this passion turned hobby i quickly went down the specialty coffee rabbit hole. i saw the need for a craft coffee shop experience needing a voice in GP. So Billie Joe Coffee Co. was born. Founding on roasting coffees that i love and showcasing all of its inherent qualities, not hidden them, we source coffees with a range of flavor profiles instead of manipulating a bean through roast to be something it's not naturally. That means our coffees are light to medium roasted but always fully developed.

With all of that said, we believe a cup of coffee is only as good the company you share it with. Our community comes first to us and were always happy to indulge seasoned and new coffee lovers alike in conversation, we only want our coffee to be enjoyed , no matter what that means to you.